Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the digital passes I signed up for?

If you didn’t save your pass to your phone at the time of checking out, you can access your pass from your confirmation email or from the text message that was sent to your phone when you completed your purchase.

How can I find my email or text to find my pass?


  • Use your search bar in your inbox and type “Order Confirmation from Seattle Good Business Network” or “Order Confirmation from Seattle Explored”. 
  • Click on email and view your pass now.


  • In your message app use the search bar and type “Your pass from Seattle Good Business is ready!”.
  • Click on the link and save the pass to your phone.
  • Click on the question mark and follow instructions for ‘How to Add Pass to your phone’ if you are struggling with saving it to your phone.

How do I add my pass to my phone/home screen?

Once you have located your confirmation email, click on the link to download your pass. Follow the instructions to “Save Pass to your homescreen.”

Is this an app? 

Our passes look and feel like an app, but are actually mobile-optimized websites that are immediately delivered to your phone after signing up or purchasing. Your pass will also update in real time if an update is made, eliminating the need to update your pass through the App or Google Play store.

How/why should I allow location services?

Allowing locations services allows you use map view in real time using your phone’s GPS chip as well as access directions if needed. Location services are not necessary to operate your passport, however, it will enhance your experience. Click the ? (question mark) on the home screen of your pass to learn how to add location services.

How do I CHECK-IN at each location? 

Look for the PIN CODE posted either on a poster (OR window clings at Seattle Restored window art displays/art residencies; OR table tents at Good Drinks bars/restaurants) inside participating locations. You will enter the PIN CODE for that unique location after hitting the “CHECK-IN” button on the location’s passport profile. You must enter this code to successfully check in. See below for instructions.

How often can I use each offering or check-in at each location? 

Check the ‘Frequency’ field when you click on an offering. This will tell you how many times you can use that item. The ‘Frequency’ field addresses whether you can only use the offering once or multiple times at particular intervals. In most cases, the frequency will be weekly. On others, they may specify a different frequency. 

How do I know when I can use my pass? 

Clicking on the calendar icon in the mobile pass will let you know when you can start using the pass, or if it’s already activated. You can also see the date your pass expires and is no longer available through this feature. Most of our passes are available to use either immediately upon ordering, upon first redemption, or at a designated date in the future.

Is there a printed pass or anything I need to print out?

No, there is only a digital pass that will be completely saved and accessed from your phone. There is nothing to print or redeem. All you need is a smartphone that’s connected to wifi and you’re good to go!

What do I do if I lost the link to my pass?

Go here to request a new link to your pass: * All we need is the email address you used during checkout. A new link will immediately be sent by email and text message.

Why are some of the locations from my pass no longer available?

All locations are managed by the client organization – if a location is no longer available, it’s because they’re no longer participating in the passport program. You will still maintain any points earned from locations that are no longer on the pass, and retain those for rewards.

How do I redeem for prizes and when will I receive them?

From the home screen, you will click the Rewards icon in the middle bottom of your passport. You can then select prizes that you are eligible for at that time. Once you’ve used your points to redeem for prizes, your product/gift card/point entries will be shipped out to you (either physically for items like totes, bottle openers, coasters. Etc.) within 4-6 weeks of time of redemption -or- in the case of some gift cards, may be emailed to you using the email you provided during checkout. All products will be shipped to the address you specify upon checkout, so please carefully check your information before submitting. 

How do I enter quarterly/other prize drawings?

If you have successfully checked in to a location once you’ve accessed your passport, you are automatically eligible for any prize drawings. You must have activity during each of the qualifying dates laid out within the pass or on the passport sign up pages below the form (scroll down for pass-specific prize drawing dates and information).

One entry is guaranteed with any qualifying activity; you do have the option to add more entries using points in the Rewards section. Simply redeem and we will apply extra entries before the drawing windows close for each prize period.

I’m still having trouble downloading my passes, can you assist?

If you’re still having trouble, our Customer Service team can be reached in the following ways:
Email: moc.ognawdnab@troppus
Phone: (888) 921-5333
Text: (888) 921-5333